AZ Flip Paid Group

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You will get access to the AZ Flip and Trick Group. We will email you after sign up with instructions. 

Some details on the group:

- 65 Person Limit

- At the very Min. 200 posts a month 

- Flips will be posted throughout the week

-  Jan - Sept group is heavy shoes/clothes/sports categories (approx. 50-70%)

- Q4 group is heavy toys (approx. 25-35%)

- We will try and make sure we get flips out all throughout the day

- We find and post flips ourselves (4 different posters)

- Text Alert available

- Includes access to exclusive Training's on AZ Flips and Shoes

- 7-Day Money Back Guarantee 

UPDATE - Some updates because of Covid that we are still sticking with for the immediate future verified again on 10.22.2020

1. We will post both Amazon Flips and flips from other OA sites. The OA flips we will try to make sure they are limited quantity or super fast moving that can withstand a large group (50-65 max) of people buying them. Also as noted below, it will be heavy focus on tips.

2. OA Tips! With us moving towards adding other sites besides Amazon, we will include higher level OA tips. We will also help give guidance on various sites. Are they reseller friendly? How we may get by limits. We will also post various sales that might be worth checking out.

While we will still post 200 leads, we are going to look to significantly increase the Tips since we know this is a new area for the group and we'd rather teach you how to fish then just give you the BOLOs (but don't worry we will have those too).

Any questions or concerns PM an Admin or email us at

When we are SOLD out, you can join our wait list here:

Check out our Facebook page or or Amazon Flip section of our Blog for more information on flips. 

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AZ Flip Paid Group

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